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2024 Wildcats Flag Football Registration is still open!!


Please click on link above to complete the registration for Flag Football.

If you are interested in coaching, please sign up using the same link (please note signing up to coach does not a guarantee a position based availability).

Also please note this year with the move to our new league all tackle football players must reside in Morristown, Morris Twp., or Morris Plains.  Going to a private school in Morristown or having a parent or other family member living in Morristown does not make the athlete eligible.  Eligibility is based on the public school district the athlete attends or would attend.

As always if financial assistance is needed please reach out to me directly (, no player should be turned away due for financial reasons.  

2024 Wildcats Season Info

Hello Wildcats Family,

I hope you are all doing well, spring is here and before you know it will be football season!  Registration for the fall season will be launching later this month I will keep you all posted on the exact date.  In the meantime, I have big news to share.

As you all know our program has grown exponentially over the past few years.  With the roster sizes we have it has become very difficult to provide enough playing time for many deserving players, there just aren't enough plays in the game.  Therefore, I spent the offseason trying to find the best fit for our program to develop our players.  I spoke at length with the Suburban league that we have been in, and I went out to see other options.  The Suburban league is no doubt one of the best leagues in NJ and has been great to our program, but we simply have outgrown it.  Therefore, I am very excited to announce we will be joining the Morris County Youth Football League (MCYFL) this fall.  The MCYFL will give us more opportunities to develop our players by providing additional games to give significant playing time to those players who are not getting as much playing time in our regular games.  I am sure there will be many questions and I will explain in more detail, but I can assure everyone all of the coaches are very excited about the move and that is a great decision for our youth and HS programs.

So stay on the lookout for the registration email later this month and enjoy your spring sports!

All the best,

Mike Achilarre


Morristown Wildcats

2023 Season Recap

Hello Wildcats family,

What a weekend...what a season!!!   

Saturday our program had its most successful day in its history winning 3 Super Bowls!!  Congratulations to our 5th, 6th, and 8th grade teams on bringing home the NJSYFL Championships to Morristown.

The day started with an all-time classic 5th grade game between two great teams.  Morristown and Bridgewater traded scores and battled back and forth to a 13-13 tie at the end of regulation.  Morristown got the ball first in overtime and scored to make it 20-13, and then stopped Bridgewater on 4th down to capture the championship.  Congratulations to our 5th grade champs!

Up next was our 6th grade team looking to defend its 2022 Super Bowl Championship.  Our squad raced out to an early lead and never looked back en route to a 26-14 victory over Old Bridge.  Congratulations to our 6th graders who now have 2 championships in 2 years!!

The big game was last as Morristown and Old Bridge lined up against each other for one last time.  Our Wildcats were looking to win their 20th game in a row and be the only team at any level in the NJSYFL this year to finish the season a perfect 10-0.  Another dominating performance by this special team as they defeated Old Bridge 22-0 to bring home their 2nd straight championship and 2nd straight perfect season, closing their Wildcats career winning 20 games in a row.  Congratulations to them one last time, and the next step for this crew is a Morristown HS State Championship!!

Below is a link for highlight videos from each game, enjoy:

2023 Morristown Wildcats NJSYFL Super Bowl highlights - shgsports (

I truly believe the Wildcats are the premier program in this league and it's not just because of winning Super Bowls.  It's all of our tackle teams who have upwards of 40 kids on every roster, it's our awesome coaches, our amazing cheerleaders, but what really makes this program so special is the family we have become.  We are not always going to win Super Bowls, but I know this family is here to stay and grow every year regardless of wins and losses!  I am equally proud of all our teams, our 5 tackle teams, flag, and cheer.....we have great kids and great parents who support and cheer for each other.  I love our flag Friday Night lights, packed stands at our tackle games, our cheerleaders great halftime routines, all of it, and all the posts on social media celebrating our awesome program.

I can't thank all of you enough....all of the coaches for all the time they put in, and to all the parents for driving your kids to and from games and practices from the middle of August until the middle of November and being the best fans in the league by far.  Thanks to all the volunteers as well who make our home games the best around.

Two special thanks I have to mention, one to Ryan Flynn who I could not run this league without, he is ALWAYS there by my side and would do anything for the Wildcats, and to my wife Kristina, she couldn't be more supportive of my time away needed to run this great program and is our biggest fan.  Not to mention a super talented photographer, who was out there at every playoff game capturing these great moments for all of us (Super Bowl links to come).

We will begin equipment returns next week, I will hand out the pictures on those nights, stay tuned. 

I think we are all looking forward to some time off now, but we will be back at it early in 2024 to keep this program moving forward!!

All my best,

Mike Achilarre









LINK TO REGISTER: Registration (


Please see the Tackle/Flag/Cheer tabs above for much more information.

Wildcats Family,


Not sure where to begin, after more than 4 months the Wildcats season has come to a close and it did so in great fashion yesterday in Old Bridge.


Huge congratulations to our 5th and 7th grade teams for winning their respective Super Bowls. Our 5th grade team beat Chatham 18-0 and a few hours later our 7th took home the title with a 12-7 comeback victory over Old Bridge. This is the first time the Wildcats have ever won two Super Bowls in the same season, quite an accomplishment (only town with multiple Super Bowls). Our 7th grade team finishes a perfect 10-0 and our 5th grade team closed the season on an 8 game winning streak ending it with a shutout in the Super Bowl! All 7 of our teams had something to be proud of this year, it truly was our best season yet. 


Like I have said all along it is great to win but there is just so much more than just winning to be proud of right now with the Wildcats. Huge crowds at the game yesterday and all season, our awesome cheerleaders, our huge number of participants, our Friday Night Light flag games, and our great coaches and players. We truly are a family and it showed all season.


So many people to thank, most notably my VP Ryan Flynn, I don't think anyone realizes how much Ryan does for our program. He is there every minute I am and more. Thanks to all our tackle, flag, and cheer coaches, it is a HUGE time commitment and you ALL do an amazing job. Thanks to our amazing fans, no other town even comes close the gameday experience we have at Cornine, we even bring it better than anyone else when on the road. Just a big thanks to everyone who is a part of this program top to bottom. We have only begun to get where I think we can, and I look forward to future with all of you!


We will now take a few weeks off but we will be in touch in early 2023 with updates and news.


All the best and on last time Go Wildcats!!


Mike Achilarre



Morristown Wildcats Football Club

The Morristown Wildcat Football program helps children and their families enjoy the football experience every time they step on a field.

Our Mission is to develop the premier fundamentals-based youth football program in Morris County, teaching sportsmanship, integrity, academic achievement and football skills/techniques while developing outstanding student athletes.

Our football program is a resource for coaches and players, helping everyone promote a positive experience for all participants. 

Participants must rent or pay taxes in Morristown, Morris Twp. or Morris Plains in order to participate in the Wildcats program. If there is a question regarding your residency, proof of residency will be required. A Morristown mailing address DOES NOT qualify. Harding residents must play for Madison

Mike Achilarre

Mike Achilarre