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Wildcats Family,

A big home weekend is coming as for the first time this year all 7 of our Wildcats teams will be together and at home!  Please read Week 4 info:

1) Parking lot / Pickup

2) Week 3 Recap

3) Games 10/1

4) Correspondence

Parking Lot / Pickup

It is unfortunate that I have to lead with this but yet again not everyone is cooperating.  We can't have cars parked in the fire lanes of the Streeter Pool lot, everyone needs to park in a lined spot.  The back parking lot was completely empty last week and the front lot was a dangerous mess.  It is extremely frustrating to have to continue to write this and then come pickup time I see all these parents doing exactly what I politely asked them not to do.  If this continues we will have to cut some practices short to stagger the pickup time which will be detrimental to our players learning and getting better.  I thank you in advance and look forward to much more cooperation this week. 

Week 3 Recap

We had 5 games up in Sparta, so let's start there with one of the most improbable wins I have seen.  Our 8th grade Maroon team was tied 6-6 with 20 seconds to play and no timeouts with the ball near the 40 yard line.  They completed a 20 yard pass and got out of bounds giving them a chance at a long field goal to win the game, and that is what they did hitting a 36 yard field goal (very impressive for 8th grade) as time expired to win the game 9-6.  Our 7th grade team continues to roll as they defeated Sparta-R 30-0, this team is really fun to watch so stick around or come early on Saturday to see them play.  Our 6th grade team fell to Sparta in another close game 14-6.   They continue to show great effort and enthusiasm for the game, very proud of that team and their fans.  Our 5th grade Wildcats got their offense going in a big way and won their first game of the season 27-13, they have gotten better each week and should only continue to improve and impress.  The 4th grade Wildcats started the day off with a victory over Sparta in one of the better 4th grade games I have seen, lots of scoring and a very fun game to watch.  Our 8th grade White and 3rd grade teams were again both away from the rest of the teams.  Want to say a quick thanks to the coaches and parents of those teams as the schedule makers have not made it easy for them.  Really looking forward to having us all together this weekend.  The 8th grade White team had to travel to West Orange, where they were defeated 27-0.  Very tough schedule so far for the White team, but they are working and playing hard, good things coming.  Our 3rd graders played Woodbridge and "won" their 3rd in a row and are very excited for their first home game of the season. 

It is fun to recap scores and wins/losses but we should never lose sight over the real reason we are out here.  To have fun as a team, to develop our players and to come together as a community.  Some teams win a lot some don't but we are all equals as WILDCATS!!

Also, a big thanks to our awesome Cheerleaders for supporting us all day, they really make the game experience better.

Games Saturday 10/1

at Cornine Field

Morristown F (3rd) vs Flemington 10:30am

Morristown E (4th) vs Flemington 12:00pm

Morristown D (5th) vs Flemington 1:30pm

Morristown C (6th) vs Flemington 3:00pm

Morristown B (7th) vs Flemington 4:30pm

Morristown A - White (8th) vs Bridgewater 6:00pm

Morristown A - Maroon (8th) vs Flemington 7:30pm


Each time send one of these emails via SportsEngine I am asked to add another parent to the chain, I get it.  Unfortunately SportsEngine does not have the ability to send an automated email to more than the main contact on your players account.  I expressed my frustration to them and hopefully can be remedied in the future.  So in order to try and help I have done two things:

1) Anytime I send one of these emails I paste it to the main page of the website (   So any time you go on the page you will see the most recent correspondence.

2) I have asked my head coaches to forward my emails to their teams via their distribution lists as they cover more parents.

Looking forward to our entire Wildcats family being together at home this weekend!

Go 'Cats,

Mike Achilarre












Registration is now CLOSED for 2022.

2023 Registration will launch on 5/1/23

Tackle cost:  $299    

Flag cost:  $199     

Cheer cost:  $199     

All additional siblings will be at a 15% discount

Tackle football is for players entering 3rd through 8th grade in the fall.

Flag football is for players entering Kindergarten through 3rd grade in the fall.

Cheer is for any athlete entering 3rd through 8th grade in the fall.

Please see the Tackle/Flag/Cheer tabs above for much more information.

Morristown Wildcats Football Club

The Morristown Wildcat Football program helps children and their families enjoy the football experience every time they step on a field.

Our Mission is to develop the premier fundamentals-based youth football program in Morris County, teaching sportsmanship, integrity, academic achievement and football skills/techniques while developing outstanding student athletes.

Our football program is a resource for coaches and players, helping everyone promote a positive experience for all participants. 

Participants must rent or pay taxes in Morristown, Morris Twp. or Morris Plains in order to participate in the Wildcats program. If there is a question regarding your residency, proof of residency will be required. A Morristown mailing address DOES NOT qualify. Harding residents must play for Madison

Mike Achilarre

Mike Achilarre